Frequently asked questions

Questions and answers related to Account Opening

Which leverage level should I start on?
Our overall aim is to make a return for you, with our strategy being seen as medium to long term. There are several levels of risk/reward available for you to choose from, however, we encourage all clients to start on the lowest level. In time when you are comfortable with our strategy style and how your account operates, you can then alter your level.

What investment product will be traded on my account?
The CFD product provider by the broker will be traded.

Who can witness the Power of Attorney form (POA)?
Any person can witness the POA. Please note that the date you complete the form and the date your chosen witness completes the forms must be the same.

When will my account start?
Once the account opening process is completed and your account is funded your trading can begin.

What markets will be traded?

All major FX pairs, Indices and Commodities can be traded within your account.

When will my account be traded?
Trades can be placed any time between the market open on Sunday evening through to the market close on a Friday evening.

Are the orders guaranteed?
The trades/orders placed are NOT guaranteed. They are subject to slippage if for any reason the market doesn’t trade at the order level, it may be filled at the next available price and this may affect the amount risked per trade. This can also work in your favour. It all depends on the market movement and the direction of the trade.

Questions and answers related to Account maintenance

What charges are applied to my account and when will they be debited?
The charges applied to your account are as follows; A management fee (2% pa, 0.166% per month). This will go against your balance at the start of the month and will then be charged monthly. Performance fee of 30% on profits only, using a high water mark system. This will go against your balance at the end of the month and will also be charged monthly. These charges will be debited by London & Eastern LLP. The rolling daily product will be traded. If there is a position on your account overnight you will be debited or credited with overnight funding. This will be done on a daily basis. This is likely to be a debit but may be a credit depending on the currency pair traded and also the direction of the trade.

Can I see a history of all trades on my account?
The broker provides this as standard on their online platform. You can see all trading history and account money movements. You will be emailed a daily statement and also receive a monthly report. You will also have real-time visibility of your account via mobile, tablet or desktop. For mobile and tablet you will need to download the MetaTrader4 App on your smart device. You will be able to enter your account number, password and broker server address to gain live access.

General questions

How long should I keep my account for?
Our trading strategy is medium to long term. An investor should be prepared to maintain their account for a minimum of two years from the date opened. Whilst our main aim is to gain you a return, with controlling risk, it is not uncommon for an account to experience draw downs in order to produce returns.

Are my funds segregated at the broker?
You will be treated as a retail client by the broker; therefore your account will be segregated from their own funds.

Can I add/withdraw my funds from my account?
It is your account; therefore you can add or remove funds as you please. However a certain amount of funds will need to remain on the account should you still wish to receive all of the trades.


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